Give Your Business a Jump Start

You love what you do!
You’ve got talent, skills, opinions, and a whole lot o’ heart!

Samantha Lee WrightYou’re also extreamly busy. Juggling kids, housework, date-nights, obligations, and maybe even a hobby or two.

Sure, the mom-trepreneur dream sounds nice and all…work from home, do what you love, and earn a huge income. But where on earth to start!?

Or maybe you’ve already started your own business, but it just isn’t working.

Your business needs some serious T.L.C.- Tuning. eLevating. and Clarity!

Every business deserves some clarity.

Whether you are just starting out, or simply feeling stuck, getting clarity and direction in your business is invaluable, especially when work is limited to naptimes and twilight sessions.

You simply don’t have time to waste on doing it wrong and figuring it all out as you go. You just want to know what to do next.

Ready to get practical + individualized advice about your business?  – and learn what steps to take next to start earning revenue?

Here’s how it works: 

Step One: We’ll start with a prep session.
This guarantees that the time we spend together as valuable as possible.

I send you a series of questions via Google Docs. This helps me get up to speed on where you are right now and what’s most important to you about your business and goals. 

I may send you some follow up questions based on your prep worksheet if needed.

Step Two: We dive in.
We spend 1-2 hours together on Skype completely devoted to your business.

We’ll talk about your mission, your ideal customer, your ideas, your struggles, and anything else we need to – we’ll figure out exactly what’s been holding you back, and exactly where you need to go in order to build a business that feels authentic and makes you money!

I’ll ask thought provoking questions, and guide you through hard decisions that can either make or break your business.

I’ll also share my personal opinions and ideas of what I see and what I think would be most helpful for you to get your business going.

Step Three: I follow up.
It’s hard to take it all in while we’re hashing out plans and asking big questions.
So, after our session, I follow up with a summary of goals, tasks, and resources that I think would be most helpful for you.


  • An mp3 recording of our call – that way you can be totally present and not worry about writing down every idea during our time together.

  • My ferocious time and energy behind the scenes- After I receive your prep questionnaire I go to work behind the scenes. I unleash my crazy mom-trepreneur powers solely on your business and make sure I’ve got solid advice ready for you when we meet. 

  • Blast-out/promotion of your business, when you’re ready, to the Naptime Boss community or any of my networks that make sense to share your business with. I love helping my clients get the word out about their businesses, especially if it’s something the community can learn from.
  • Discounted continuing sessions. Feel like you need more one-on-one help? Returning clients get the option to continue working with me at an hourly rate of just $45 per half-hour session.

Investment: $225 (USD)

The Outcome:Business coaching Samantha Lee Wright

  • Clarity on what your business is really about- Get past the fluff and focus in on what matters.
  • Confidence in your brand, your mission, and yourself as an entrepreneur.
  • Concrete and practical ‘next steps’ to take to get your business going and growing.
  • Support and encouragement for you to start making your dream a reality and help making a real difference in the world.

Ready to gain clarity, confidence, and practical help to make your dream job a reality? Let’s do it!

Your next steps:

**Please note that sessions are limited to one client per week, first come first served, so it may be a few weeks before we officially meet. If you have a deadline or special circumstance, get in touch and let me know.**

Step 1. Have a question?  Get in touch and let me know. I’m happy to help!

Step 2.  Ready to get started NOW? Make your payment of $225 (USD) below:


Step 3.  After making your payment, you’ll receive an invitation to book our appointment…plan for at least 1-2 hours of uninterrupted time.

4. After scheduling your appointment, I’ll send you the prep-worksheet. Be sure to send it to me at least 1 week before our appointment time.

I can’t wait to help you get clarity on your business so you can start thriving and start living your dream!



“The big secret in life is THERE IS NO SECRET. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you’re willing to work.” – Oprah Winfrey

Samantha Lee Wright and daughter Layla